Hello, My name is Lisa and I am an instructor and the Business Manager for Yogadevotion since 2004. I came to my first Yogadevotion class (also my first yoga class) in about 2000. I had just come through a really tough year. I had 2 neck surgeries and I knew I had to change my life to make some changes so this would NEVER happen again because it was awful. I asked my physical therapist what I could do and he said “Be strong” I had no idea what that meant. I decided to check out the Yogadevotion class at St. Andrew’s. As I was making my way through my first class, I looked over at my friend Nancy Clunis who had been practicing for a while. She was in a full side plank. I was so inspired, I thought I WANT TO BE THAT STRONG!

My transformation over the next few months was pretty astounding. It got Cindy’s attention. She asked me if I wanted to become an instructor and teach for Yogadevotion. I really wanted to. I completed my training through Yogafit over the next few years. I found it SO accessible, a great training and at my own speed. In the beginning my practice a very physical, but soon I began to reap the benefits in mind and Spirit. My only regret is that I didn’t start my journey sooner in my life. I know I am a more stable, calmer, better person. I am so grateful to be able to share Yogadevotion with others. I am very active and I know that yoga makes that level of activity possible.

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