Yogadevotion LLC began in 1999 when our Founder Cindy Senarighi had a deeply profound experience of God’s Presence following a vinyasa yoga class. This experience was then shared through the practice of yoga in the faith community and has been a mutual blessing for our students, instructors and the communities we are invited into. Cindy had an idea that sparked a flame—then a fire—that has warmed so many communities in fellowship for over 23 years.

From two churches to now over 30 churches, Yogadevotion has been invited to teach folks a new way to pray, worship and simply be present to God’s love and healing.

On January 1, 2023 Cindy handed the reins of Yogadevotion over to me. There was an outpouring of support from our communities. From church leaders, coordinators and members, from our instructors (past and present) and from people who take our yoga classes. Our communities spoke of how Yogadevotion had become a part of their lives–and in many cases has changed their lives, growing their faith. There was sheer joy that Yogadevotion would continue to breathe life into these communities.

Some call it a time of prayer, some a time of worship, some a time to simply be present to God in a new way and experience an increased sense of God’s Presence in the midst of busy lives. We are truly grateful to be able to share what we have experienced, God’s presence through the practice of yoga, with others.

So it is with gratitude that a solid foundation was set in place to continue this ministry. It is my honor to continue Cindy’s mission of Practicing in the Presence. I feel excited to lead Yogadevotion into the next chapter of His Greatness. We invite you to practice with us as we continue this journey, excited to see what God has in store for us.

Lori Buggs


Wellness Specialist, Meditation & Registered Yoga Teacher

Yogadevotion LLC

Lori’s journey into yoga began 17 years ago while working as a legal assistant in Washington, DC. She started taking yoga classes as a way to manage working in a sedentary, high stress environment. Lori returned to the Twin Cities in 2012 and continued to work in the legal field. When she realized a change was needed, she turned to prayer and listened with an open heart to what God had in store for her. The desire to align her personal goals with her professional ones struck a chord so deeply she could not ignore the message.

She entered the Health and Wellness field full-time in April 2019. Her first fitness class was a Yogadevotion mat-based yoga practice (talk about coming around full circle!) and she hasn’t looked back since.

Lori holds a bachelor’s degree from Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia. She is a Registered Yoga Teacher 200-hour, completing her yoga teacher training in May 2018 at Saint Paul College. She completed Meditation Essentials Training at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center in the Bahamas in 2022; and Chair Yoga Teacher training in Minneapolis from the Yoga Center Retreat. Since completing her yoga teacher training in 2019 she has taught over 1000 fitness, meditation and yoga classes to date.

Lori focuses her efforts on the daily operations of Yogadevotion. She also teaches yoga and fitness classes throughout the Twin Cities metro area. Her hobbies include running, yoga, traveling, making delicious meals with fresh ingredients, and teaching Aqua Fitness classes. She is passionate about encouraging and keeping seniors active and inspired!

Her dream is to travel the world bringing Yogadevotion to communities connecting the power of prayer with the presence of the mat.

Community Services:

Arlington County Virginia – voter registration

Girls Empowered – Washington, DC

Girl Scouts of America Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys

Ronald McDonald House – meal volunteer

St. Paul Parks & Recreation – St. Paul, MN

Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities – St. Paul, MN

White Bear Lake Food Shelf – White Bear Lake, MN