Drop-in Tickets

  • Drop-In classes. If you have a guest, want to try a class or want to take fewer than a full session of classes, you can purchase one or more drop-in tickets at this link. https://yogadevotion.com/class/drop-in-ticket/
  • Missed classes can be made up at any site or by requesting a recording.
  • Virtual class participants will be emailed a recording of their class every week. 

Cancellation Policy
Yogadevotion has classes at all levels, and we would be happy to help you select a class that is just right for you, even injured! We have many classes available including options to attend chair yoga in-person or at home.

1) We would happily transfer your payment to another class for the remaining session.
2) Or we could hold your registration for a future session when you are healed and you take a full session of any class.
3) Or, we provide a refund for the remaining classes plus a $20 cancellation fee