I was introduced to Yoga at 21, and like most fruitful decisions in my life, I repeatedly chose to turn my back. After years in self destruct and running on empty, I enrolled in a teacher training program in an effort to discipline myself and my practice. Little did I know, it would transform my existence.

Completely out of character, I checked the “public” box on the Yoga Alliance certification site. Six months later I got a call from Lisa asking if I’d be interested in teaching, a position was available less than a mile from my home. In a decision for the fruitful column, I accepted.

I expressed my concern about teaching devotional yoga as I wasn’t a member of any one particular faith. Cindy assured me that even as an orphan, I was welcome. On my first night, she drove an hour each way in a snowstorm to guide me through my first class.

A year and half later, I’m still teaching (something I never thought I was capable of doing). I can’t explain the love and gratitude I have for Yogadevotion and the students that complete the family without getting extremely sappy. {Insert many gooey sentiments here}.

In Yoga, I found faith. In Yogadevotion, I found the community and support necessary to foster growth in body, mind, and spirit.

Andrea (Drea) – instructor & student, Trinity Princeton

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