Yogadevotion Flow


Faith Based Classes

Yogadevotion LLC classes begin in the breath, centering ourselves in the Presence of God….setting aside all that distracts us from the relationship God intents for us. Our devotional time is at the beginning of the class, opening with scripture that speaks to a practice of faith, during the breath work. Reflections on the scripture are written by Pastor Cindy Senarighi, ordained pastor in the ELCA. The body of the class is a combination of standing poses, balance poses and floor poses.  The classes close with restorative yoga, a practice of calm alertness that allows a time of reflection and thanksgiving for God’s Presence in our lives. The faith based language you will hear in class is familiar, the benediction, invocation and prayer that closes the class. This class is for all levels as Yogadevotion LLC teaches that the primary teacher is your own body and that voice is the important one. Modifications are offered for all poses.

Community Classes

Classes taught in the community are essentially the same, without faith specific language. We speak about stress reduction and the overall wellness of a yoga practice. Breath, lengthening and strengthening of muscles are the primary focuses in the community classes.

Yin Meditation by Yogadevotion

Yin Meditation incorporates gentle movements and listening for the voice of God. Yin yoga is done on the floor, with props and with greater attention/space to breathing. While being one of the more meditative yoga practices yin is also considered to be one of the more healing yoga practices as it works passively to open joints and release fascia…both which when inflamed restrict our movements and activities of daily living. It is quieter and deeply meditative. Yin is a stand alone practice and/or a complimentary practice for those who practice a more active form of yoga. This is a great practice for athletes as will as those who might have trouble getting up and down off the floor!

Worship by Yogadevotion

This Yogadevotion class begins with breath work as all our classes do. The class has a liturgy of confession, forgiveness, praise and thanksgiving. We spend time in prayer, personal, corporate and intercessory. Lectio Divina is how we ground ourselves in scripture. We devote our practice to God, shared in Christ’s community. We close our practice in quiet listening prayer and meditation. Communion is offered if it fits within the faith tradition we are invite to worship with. Offering is taken and given to a designated ministry of the church. This Yogadevotion class is led by Pastor Cindy Senarighi.


Men in the Presence: Yogadevotion for Men Only

This is an introductory class designed to give guys information about yoga in a comfortable environment. Upon taking this class men will learn the language and specific poses of yoga that will improve their backs, strengthen core muscles and increase their strength. We promise you will leave with a sense of competency that will carry you into any yoga class you choose.

Soma Yogadevotion

Soma yoga is a blend of somatic movement and classic yoga. Somatics was introduced by
Thomas Hanna in the 1980’s. It involves performing gentle exercises that work by retraining the neuromuscular system and increasing sensory awareness. Somatic movements and mindfulness are incorporated into traditional yoga asanas and breath work to release chronic pain and tension. This class is for everyone– including those with chronic health conditions. You will be guided to find poses and movements from within yourself, along with suggested modifications.

Yogadevotion Clinic

Have you ever wished you could get 1:1 attention in a class? Ask about a specific pose you struggle with or need help modifying but there never seems to be the right time to ask? Not surprisingly many people share the same questions and Yogadevotion Clinic offers you the opportunity to get personal attention in a group setting. This is a 2 hour class that offers anatomy and physiology tips as well as hands on assist during the first hour. The second hour is a practice that incorporates what has been learned in clinic.


Yogadevotion for Athletes

Most athletes will tell you there is a kind of meditation that happens when they are at their peak performance. There is a Spiritual connection, body, mind and Spirit. From runners to golfers to hockey players we have found certain faith and yoga practices that not only create space to experience God’s Presence but enhance the overall performance of the athlete. This Yogadevotion class is tailored to work specifically on core strengthening, hamstring lengthening and hip opening. An increase in body awareness has been proven to prevent/ minimize the potential for injury.


Seated in the Presence by Yogadevotion

Getting up and down off the floor can be difficult for many reasons. This Yogadevotion class incorporates poses that increase range of motion, improve balance and bring attention to the breath, all using a chair as yoga props.


Breath Prayers by Yogadevotion

At its very essence breath is what yoga is about. The asanas all lead to that place where we connect with out breath, the very breath God gave Adam, gave us as a gift. This Yogadevotion class uses multiple breath techniques to bring us into the Presence of God, where we can rest and renew our relationship with God. This class requires a meditation pillow, rolled towel or can be done in a chair.


Restore and Renew by Yogadevotion

Restorative yoga gives the body a chance to rest, the mind a time to dismiss distractions and the Spirit space to enter and renew us for a new day. This Yogadevotion class requires props.


  •  All class have devotions specific to the groups needs or requests.
  •  Non-devotional class available upon request.
  •  Costs vary, Worship is a free will offering.