The Practice of Worship
The Scripture…”They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.” Acts 2:42
The Devotion
What is worship to you?
Conversation around what worship is brings up some interesting ideas. For some a non – negotiable in worship is music, for others corporate confession, Holy Communion or prayer. For some worship must be centered on biblical teaching and the narrative of Jesus. So the answer to the question what is worship is …..yes……we all have vehicles that open us to a worshipful experience of God. But worship is really an outcome or an outpouring of our deep love, and gratitude to God for who God is.
The way we get there matters less than the object of our worship, God!
The disciples in our scripture narrative today were beginning to miss the physical presence of Jesus but were sustained when able to gather as the ecclesia….the church ….as a group….to read scripture, explore the apostles teachings, have fellowship, pray and break bread together. In doing these things they were praising and worshipping God….in Christ Jesus.
The gathering, praying, breaking of bread and sharing again the stories of Jesus can happen in a building or outside of a building, in God’s creative nature…sacred space or in a jail cell, in a coffee house or on our yoga mats.
Worship can happen anywhere. Our thoughts and actions are gathered around the object of our worship….The Trinitarian God. We worship God for who God is…on and off our mats.

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