The Scripture ~ So then we pursue the things which make for peace and the building up of one another. Romans 14:19

The Spiritual Focus ~ I see through you like an open book, only because I have seen through myself. We are all one in essence; passing judgement on the singular only asserts your disconnectedness from the whole. ~ Yogi

The Breath Prayer ~ Inhale ~ I Am, Exhale ~ whole.

The Devotion ~

            “Disconnect from your appliances” has become the battle cry for everyone from health professionals to social media gurus to concerned parents. A recent study proved that if people, children specifically, don’t disconnect from appliances, go outside and enjoy the outdoors, they are unable to problem solve at the same level as their contemporaries. On the other hand, disconnecting can also lead to isolation when we routinely choose to disconnect in difficult situations or conversations rather than enter in seeking to build relationship. Deciding when disconnecting is healthy or when it is harmful is rooted in our personal experiences.

A recent experience with an Uber driver in Washington D.C. illustrates a way to embody in a disconnecting situation. The driver had some strong opinions about the current political climate. It was easy to let her ramble on but it soon became annoying. One option was to pick up the phone and disconnect that way; however, that felt rude. Another option was to seek common ground. Hanging from the rearview mirror was a cross and picture of the Virgin Mary. When the driver took a breath, the opportunity came to change the conversation. A simple statement, noting the cross was common ground, building relationship and ending the conversation with a sense of peace. When we can connect with our whole self, our humanity, our shared human experience, we embody the disconnect in a healthy and healing way.

Some yoga philosophies teach that at the end of the day the “self” disappears and only the One exists. Our Christian narrative teaches the body is very important. Jesus is the embodied experience of God. In Christ we are at once distinctly human, yet holding God’s Holy Breath in us. God’s promised presence is our strength, strength that guides us in staying connected or disconnecting in healthy ways that lead to peace and building relationships.

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