The Practice of ….Easter Eyes….New Vision
The Scripture…”With the eyes of your heart enlightened, you may know the hope…that hope to which he has called you….Ephesians 1:18a

The Devotion….The day after…Easter Monday….and the weeks to follow….we pause and give thanks…for the eternal promise of new life, we are reminded that death did not win but love did. Such love gives us new vision, Easter eyes through which we can see our lives….our lives in community……our lives reflecting the Easter story….The Easter vision ….where there was despair we see hope, where there was grief we see comfort, where there was chaos we see peace….where there was pain we see healing, where there was fear we see love. Easter eyes focus us on Jesus promise of this new life, enlightened our hearts toward love.
In yoga we speak of Drishti , we focus our eyes at one point in our asanas, and it brings balance to the pose and informs us on the needs and gifts of our bodies. Drishti not only brings physical balance in movement, but balance in our emotions and focus in our spiritual lives….when we practice Drishti off our mats and in the world we see things differently, we see things through the eyes of Jesus , through the eyes of love.

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