The Scripture ~ Jesus said, “My kingdom doesn’t consist of what you see around you, I am not

this world’s kind of king. John 18:36 [a and c] The Message

 The Spiritual Focus ~ “And as image and apprehension are in organic unity, so, for a

Christian, are human body and human soul.” C.S. Lewis God in the Docks

The Breath Prayer ~ Inhale ~ I Am, Exhale ~ body, mind and spirit.

The Devotion ~

The church calendar year ended this past November, on a Sunday designated as Christ the

King Sunday. The scripture from John tells us a story of the final chaos in Jesus life, defending

his gentle rule. Many believe that Jesus knew that soon his body would be beaten, that his

mission was not understood by his own people. The Roman Rulers are tired of the chaos, and he

would soon give up his spirit. The church calendar year ends this way intentionally so that we

may enter the story of how desperate things were. In the retelling of this story we are drawn in,

we sit in gratitude that the promise of a Savior was fulfilled.

Happenstance, November into December finds us in the darkest part of our calendar year,

a season of chaos, searching for a place to dwell, that gives us hope, joy, peace and love. As we

seek that place for body, mind and spirit to dwell, it would be easy to stop listening to our bodies,

get tangled up in our thoughts and lose heart. This is where the birth narrative of Jesus begins.

We make our pilgrimage through the darkness of waiting, post resurrection, knowing that there

is light at the end of the tunnel, the birth of a baby, the birth of God dwelling among us. God

doing a new thing.

Perhaps you have your own strategies for this time of year, if not there are many self help

ideas out there for people who embrace the unity of mind, body and spirit. Most yogis would

offer some of their tried and true practices. Find time to be present, love your body with all that

nourishes it and let go of what does not, even if it is just for now. Untangle your thoughts, not

every thought is important or true. Put down your burdens to nurture relationships that feed your

spirit in compassionate communities. Trust God to organically reveal the unity of your body,

mind and spirit.

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