This week in churches around the world, the season of Lent will begin with Ash Wednesday. The spiritual practice of placing ashes on a persons head has a wide and varied history. The most basic understanding of Ash Wednesday, is as a reminder that we are human and depend by faith on something, or someone beyond ourselves for a future life.
Lent is a time when some folks give up something for 40 days and other folks adopt a spiritual practice for 40 days. The intent is to help one focus on or draw closer to faith in Jesus.
There are other folks who understand spiritual practices as a way of life, all year around including lent.
One of the most beautiful faith and Yogadevotion connections is in the word practice… Practice implies something is on going, always evolving…changing but never ending. Whatever practices we do or do not adopt during the season of lent are practices that are always available to us. By faith we believe. In faith we are called to our mats to let our Yogadevotion practice inform us, trusting God to provide the hoped for future.

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